Thursday, May 6, 2010

Traveling Neighborhood

If things have seemed quiet it's because I've been having way to much fun lately to be sitting around on the computer.

On April 7th we arrived at Hill Shade RV park in Gonzales, TX enticed by the amazing monthly rate and the upcoming rally for the nomadic group NuRVers. The really great part was we would be spending the whole month with some great people and fellow full-time travelers.

The first to greet us was the famous Happy Janssens formerly of the Live Lightly Tour. Chris, Nora, and I were invited to join Bella's (their now 6 year old daughter's) birthday celebration going on as we arrived and chatted with Matt, Sara, and her parents who had come for a visit. That night we joined them in a camp fire, it gave us an instant sense of community warmth.

A few days later we saw the arrival of Tara Wagner of the blog Organic Sister, with her husband Justin, and son Zeb and so our little neighborhood of nomadic, unschooling (that's right all of us are unschooling, Yay!), young families was formed.

Over our time together we shared meals, cars, campfires, conversation, the children played, and played. Nora learned to ride a bike with training wheels and jump on a trampoline helped and encouraged by the other children. We made hula hoops, learned hoop tricks together, shared ideas, and inspired and encouraged each other.

At one point Jennie, James, and their daughter Valentine also joined the mix as they passed through Texas on their way back home.

Once the rally began we were joined by more nomads and nomad families (all unschooling) but I'll be doing a separate post on the rally. I'm still processing my thoughts and feelings about this past month and there will be more to come about our experiences here.