Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter New Orleans style

The month of March involved a rather uneventful stop in Mobile, Alabama and than a very favorite city, New Orleans. I love spring in New Orleans and it is becoming a tradition for us to spend our Easter Holiday here.

We have great friends here, Joanne and her husband Dan always make us feel like we belong in this crazy town and this year they invited us to join in Easter dinner along with neighbors and friends. It was a real southern feast with fried chicken, cheese macaroni, potato salad, and lots of other homemade goodies. Here is Nora helping Joanne sell her NOLA GIRL tees at a local music fest.

This year we did the Haunted History tour, something we missed doing last year and it was so much fun walking around the French Quarter at night hearing all the local legends. This is one of the original wood houses that survived the second fire in the city back in the late 1700's.

I love this city.....


  1. So jealous! I'm dying to go on a haunted tour of NO. That place is so full of rich history!!! Bet it was spooky!

  2. Great photos. I used to live in N.O. off Esplanade a shotgun house. Those were the days. New Orleans is such a unique place with some of the best food in the U.S. Seeing your photos makes me miss it more.