Thursday, February 18, 2010

Homeschool kids

I have recently had lots of opportunity to observe home schooled and unschooled children of various ages for an extended period of time. In January we attended a Rally for a group of families who travel full time like us in RVs and a lot of those families have been in the Florida area with us (many at the same campground) for some time now. I'm impressed, very impressed in fact with the way they conduct themselves both with adults and each other. There is a difference here in that they have a broader more natural honest sense of community I think.
We had a get together with three other families at Fort Wilderness (Disney's campground) at one point that included 4 yr. old Josh, Nora ( also 4), Akira 10, Luka 13, and Lauren 13 (I think). All the kids got along so well no matter their age or gender. There were no battles for toys or awkward group dynamics leaving anyone left out. The older kids helped with the younger ones gladly but also communicated with great maturity when something was outside a level of comfort or ability.
Here at our current campground there is a group of 5 boys aging in range from about 9 to 12 as well as some teenagers, Nora, and 6 yr old Mia. Nora and Mia have been playing together and are joined on occasion by Mia's older brother Adam who is 11. Adam has great patience with both girls and will play house and kitchen without complaint and seems to enjoy it as much as the girls. He is very social and talks easily with me or Chris. Many of the boys will drop by during the day to tell or show me something even though I have no kids that are their age. When they see Nora they stop and talk with her, asking her questions and paying great attention. They all brought her Valentines and when she brought them a drawing all 5 boys took the time to examine it and tell her how cool it was. Adam came over with Kelby to show me 2 teeth he had lost yesterday, I said "wow, that's really gross guys". They laughed and Kelby told us how his Mom won't even look at teeth.
I've really enjoyed getting to know these kids, they have been so easy to talk with and so responsive. They are enjoying being around each other but they enjoy the adults too.


  1. Everyone says the same thing about my daughter (12)- she can relate to adults as well as children.

    So much for no socialization!

  2. It's so nice to know that it's not just nutso Evangelicals who are home-schooling for reasons other than avoiding science. :)

  3. I've found the same thing with the broader sense of community. Sometimes the elderly people are concerned about Austin because they think he must not do well interacting with children his age since he hangs out with them so easily. They are impressed when they find out he can do both equally well. Hoping we can spend more time with you this winter before we head out.

  4. Carolee, so true!

    Amy, Having this perspective I feel like I am helping create a better community by home schooling.

    Krystal, I was looking at your blog and I saw all the pics with Austin having such a great time with the old folks. He is an awesome kid and seeing how he his is has helped affirm that I'm doing the right thing. I would love to spend more time with you guys!!!

  5. we see and love the diversity in the kids at our unschooling group. i personally can't wait to meet and experience even more diversity on the road.

  6. Tara, I love reading your blog and I'd love to meet you on the road some day.